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“Home Listening”, la playlist d’Otik

“Home Listening”, la playlist d’Otik

Chaque semaine Rinse France demande à un artiste de réaliser une playlist. En réaction au confinement, celles-ci sont focalisés sur une thématique feel good / anti-angoisse à écouter chez sois.

Cette semaine c’est notre résident trimestriel Otik, DJ et producteurs originaire de Bristol qui s’en occupe. Avec ses récentes sorties sur Gobstopper Recordings, InterGraded, Boogie Box et avec une apparition sur la dernière compilation de Mother’s Finest, il s’annonce comme un des producteurs les plus excitants de sa génération.

Caribou – Sunny’s Time

A beautiful and uneasy track that builds into a strong feeling of hope from one of my favourite artists. I love the lyric “I’ll be back when this is all done”. It gives me a little shot of optimism in these uncertain times.  

Iman Omari – Energy

Good vibes and a dreamy atmosphere from a really talented vocalist/producer. It’s cool the way the track slowly drags along whilst keeping the mood positive throughout. 

Sad City – Steady Jam

A lovely slinky roller from a great producer I recently came across. Perfect for reminiscing about those lost raving days, without the big thumping drums and bass line. The use of space is really impressive in this.  

Four Tet – Insect Near Piha Beach

Extremely soothing and high energy track from Four Tet’s new album. Makes you want to dance and meditate at the same time.  

Onoe Caponoe – Carnival of Souls

To be honest, this is just one of my favourite tunes to listen to at the moment. I love the sample in the intro and the sort of endless reverberant brass loop. Something hypnotic to get lost in while your days fly by in isolation.   

Jadasea – Ties

Super dreamy hip-hop from a really gifted writer. Archy Marshall’s production sits perfectly with the vocals too. The themes in the lyrics feel extremely fitting at this time. It’s not especially hopeful, but definitely something people might resonate with.  

Clams Casino – Cupidwing  

An amazing tune from another one of my all time favourite producers. The track kind of speaks for itself – really hope-filled and colourful beats.   

Jaques Greene – Serenity

Soulful and breaksy dance music by Jaques Greene. There’s a slight element of sadness/hardship in the track but the overall vibe to me is sort of triumphant and hopeful. It’s the type of song I’d want to hear on my first night out after this all blows over. The whole album is so good, and everyone should check it out.  

Floating Points – Sais

This song is probably in my top 20 favourite songs ever made. Instantly calming and soothing jazz-inspired electronic beats.  

Terekke – Soft G 

I was going to talk about this particular track, but to be fair this whole EP is the perfect remedy for angst. It’s something I return to time and time again to help relax or clear my mind. The entire project is filled with improvised dreamy pads and atmospheres to lose yourself in.

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