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La playlist de Jensen Interceptor

La playlist de Jensen Interceptor

Jensen Interceptor jouera aux 6 ans de la radio le 14 février 2020, et pour patienter, il nous a préparé une playlist des ses 10 morceaux préférés de tous les temps !

Actif depuis 2012, Jensen Interceptor est un DJ et producteur d’origine australienne.

Influencé par les légendes de la musique électronique comme Drexciya, Kraftwerk ou Dopplereffekt, il s’est approprié ces codes et y a ajouté une dimension dancefloor supplémentaire.

Après avoir sorti des EPs sur Boys Noize Records, CPU ou encore un album sur le label de Maceo Plex, il fait parti des incontournables de la musique électronique en 2020 en contribuant au développement de la scène australienne partout à travers le monde.

Boris Barksdale – Soft Ride
Fat bass, crunchy drums, with a pitched Memphis style rap vocal, what’s not to love. BB dropping an absolute bomb on the latest tape from natural Sciences filled with many more weapons.

Detroit In Effect –  Detroit Party Train
Total dance floor get out of jail free card thanks to D.I.E’s fun & funky approach to that classic data bass style electro.

Amadeezy – Bass Boss
When you have had an amazing crowd rocking with you all night this is one of the best ways you can show your love and appreciation for them, by ending your set with this. Deezy with the perfect blend of RnB, Breaks & Miami Bass.

Special Request – Vortex 164 (Sully Remix)
Peak time mind altering breaks. I didn’t think it was possible to elevate SP’s Vortex any further but Sully was more than up for the challenge.

DJ これからの緊急災害 – Leave Britney Alone
Another peak time, opening or closing anthem! No matter when you drop this, you will very quickly learn how many closet Britney Spears fans there are out there & how quickly you can turn the deepest, darkest dance floor into everyones favourite karaoke bar.

Public Enemy – I Can’t Do Nuthin For Ya Man (The DJ Sega Remix)
A B’more classic from one of the god fathers of Baltimore club. Sega showcasing his sampology master class with this undeniable party banger filled with a barrage of breaks & classic soul grooves.

Assembler Code & Alex Jann – Humanoid Future
2 very hot & productive electro connoisseurs at the moment,  delivering a red hot 4×4 jackin power cut filled with all your favourite drexciyan textures whilst still sounding light years ahead of the rest.

Brodinski – Gang Ft. Doe Boy
Dark, distorted & dystopian trap madness from a man on a mission to flip the hip hop game on it’s head. Once again Brodinski showing us why he is in his own lane and miles ahead of the competition with his very special & unique style of hip hop that incorporates both his loves, techno & southern rap fused together in perfect harmony.

Griselda – Dr. Birds
It feels like it’s 93 again & my big brother just handed me his wu tang 36 chambers tape. An incredible fresh take on nostalgic sounding east coast rap. Griselda going against the grain of the modern trap formula over used by most new rappers & pop artist, is a very warm welcome & hope booster for all hip hop gatekeepers.

DIMI – Drive Me Up
Hard industrial electric body acid techno! If your dance floor is looking like a shirtless zombie apocalypse, warning this track might cause everyone to swallow their chins, whilst their eyes explode from extreme dilatation, thanks to DIMI’s razor execution of relentless rave energy.


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