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La playlist de la semaine par Perseus Traxx

La playlist de la semaine par Perseus Traxx

Cette semaine, c’est Perseus Traxx qui nous offre une playlist spéciale Acid à l’occasion de la soirée Acid Avengers vendredi prochain à La Java.

Acid Mercenaries Untitled (track B1) Panzerkreuz 1003

I love this record. The diverse and constant range of music that comes out via Bunker and Panzerkreuz means that it’s very easy to miss or overlook releases. This one from 2012 was posted by a friend on Facebook, and I had to have it. It’s like a desperate and painful kind of love song. I suppose it could be seen as a song of obsession, but the searing heartache and angst of that obsession is what I pick up, whether intended or not. It’s grimy and creepy simplicity, with overloaded machines is a thing of total beauty.

No Moon
Nothing Else Matters X-Kalay 006

This is incredible. One that would have passed me by too if I’m honest. It’s another one that came up on my Facebook feed. Fred and I had been chatting about cheap tape machines and hardware a few years ago, as we have the same Tascam portastudio. He posted that this was due out and I checked out the label, immediately buying a grip of records from them. They’re incredible dusty electronic sounds, and this particular one I had to wait until this week for it’s release. The depth and space is fantastic. I’m glad it came to me in time for the acid party I’m playing at in Paris.

Andrew Red Hand Militant Acid

This is an absolute killer. Nothing but thundering drums and relentless, pure acid, brilliance on one of the many outstanding labels that Lobster Distribution help to get out into the hands of the public

Perseus Traxx Night Terror Secret Gang 001

I released this early last year on a new label I was starting which has so far been the only release. I guess it’s a kind of big atmospheric driving acid jam really. I like just getting things running and hitting record then wrenching effects and synth parameters about to create some kind of fog made of sound, and I think that’s exactly what this track achieves

Garden Of Eden Garden Of Eden Pepper Records

Released in 1988, there’s an amazing innocence about this UK acid track which gives me a kind of anemoia. As a young teenager, despite living a distance from London, I could trail an aerial around my room and out of the window onto the guttering of the house, and pick up Kiss FM at certain times (until Classic FM began broadcasting on the same frequency I was picking up on). I was usually able to get Colin Dale’s Abstract Dance Show, but on one occasion he was off, and replaced with a guy playing loads of old acid house, and despite my mind being blown, as I scribbled down all the names I could, this one stuck in my mind. It’s even fresher in my mind now for being brought up by someone making an i.d. request after hearing it in a documentary.

Casey Tucker Affirmative Action Love Notes 01

Casey Tucker is great, and I’m really glad he’s been releasing records again. There’s a beautiful timeless feel to everything he does, which transports my mind in a similar way to the Garden of Eden 12”. This one is particularly at the forefront of my mind, as I’ve recently been chatting with Nathaniel who runs Love Notes and he was telling me that after hearing his track BST on a mutual friend’s label, he knew he had to work with him and told him he was starting a label, so Casey wrote Affirmative Action for the first release. This is why I love communication and the internet so much!

Steve B.C. Flanger Zone House Crime 002

Stumbled on this 12” randomly while cruising the internet. It’s a various artist thing also featuring Mall Grab, Lawrence Lee and Jeremy Castillo. It’s gritty acid with disjointed voices in tunnels. I love it, a very lucky and varied find. The label is a subsidiary of the massively prolific Unknown To The Unknown, which I’m going to have to trawl through for similar gems.

Frank Butters
Body Burn
Too Many Squares 001

Frank sent this before Christmas and I haven’t had a chance to deploy yet. It’s an absolute killer track with a driving synth bass tone and voices drifting in and out. Spooky shit. It’s just quality, well produced, with a sort of EBM feeling but with a more rounded rounded edge to it. All three tracks on the 12” are incredible and very focussed.

Zarkoff & Ikonal
Enfant Terrible 047 / Gooiland Elektro 26

A brilliant 12”, pricey but definitely worth the money for the quality in every aspect of the package. I can’t quite remember, but I’m sure I read that the tracks for this were recorded live at a warehouse in Poland. I could check, but I’m against the clock at the moment. The record is split into 3 distinct tracks, but the version on youtube has a whole 20 minutes of hardwares acid jams for you to get stuck into…

Matt Whitehead Crosstalk
Super Rhythm Trax 015

Being asked to do this list has reminded me that I failed to pick up a copy of this scorcher after a friend came round and mentioned it to me. Matt Whitehead’s music is so clean and precise, it’s amazing and the EP this is from is no exception, full of old school feel with very clear and defined tones. Makes me a bit jealous if I’m honest. I’m going to stop typing here and see if I can get a copy ordered and have it by Friday…

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