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La Playlist de Lamusa II

La Playlist de Lamusa II

Découvrez dix morceaux d’Electronic, Experimental & Avant-Garde produits entre 1981 & 1990 sélectionnés par le génial producteur italien Lamusa II qui s’est occupé de la playlist de la semaine de Rinse France !

1. Schleimer K – Woman (1981)

Schleimer K were a four piece UK-based experimental/minimal wave band that existed from 1981-1983, this track is taken from their self-titled album ‘Schleimer K – Schleimer K” released on Omega Records (UK).

2. Geoffrey Landers – Logarithms (1982)

A minimal piece of music made by Geoffrey Landres (US) in 1982, a drum machine rhythm (I guess a Roland CR-78) and some obscure percussions going into a reverb, percussive effects and metal sounds…

According to discogs this track is the B3 of his first LP ‘The Ever Decimal Pulse’.

3. Daniele Ciullini – Violet (1983)

Daniele Ciullini is an electronic/experimental music producer from Florence, Italy. Part of TRAX collective, this is the opening track of ‘Domestic Exile’ an Industrial, Minimal, new wave album released on Cassette C20 in 1983.

4. Piermario Ciani – Co. Mix 1 (1984)

It’s the “C1” of a double LP compilation “TRAX TEST” (25-track compilation of obscure Italian post-punk/new wave peaches c. 1981-1987).

Piermario Ciani is one of the founders of Trax label along with Vittore Baroni and Massimo Giacon, graphic artist Piermario Ciani (1951-2006) was also the mind behind “virtual” rock band Mind Invaders, and, from 1994, one of the founders of the Luther Blissett multiple name project, officially ended in 1999. In 1996 he also cofounded with Vittore Baroni the publishing firm AAA Edizioni.

5. Poli Palmer – Old Fulham Fertility Dance (1985)

Poli Palmer aka John Michael Palmer born in 1943 in Evesham, Worcestershire recorded ‘Human Error’ LP in 1985. It’s a very inspiring work for me, a prog rock approach towards ethnic percussive unique sounds with a beautiful arrangement in a surreal world.

6. Krisma – Igloo Architecture (1986)

Weird vocals, infinite repetitive percussive pattern panned left and right for the whole track, digital effects, some percussions floating around and a deep soft ambient pad. This is the experimental side of ‘Krisma’(Italian new wave duo formed in 1976) the track is from their synth-pop oriented LP ’Iceberg’.

7. Respuesta Alternativa – Amigos (1987)

Originally recorded in 1987 by Jesús Mª Catalán (former keyboardist of Clandestine Modes) and then released on Cassette inside the album “85/86”, it has been reissued on Vinyl 12” for the first time on ‘Left Ear Records’ a Melbourne based record label.

8. A Produce – Pulse (1988)

When i discovered this Californian music producer ‘Barry Craig’ I totally fell in love with this track, with the perfect match between a pattern on the Roland TR-707 which never changes, a violin and soft bass guitar hidden in the song. I suggest to check it!

9. Valentina Goncharova – Sirens Yin (1989)

This track is part of a huge compilation i recently found called ‘Document – New Music From Russia – The 80’s. It’s 8 x CD box set and it’s mainly focused on free improvisation, ambient, experimental, free jazz.

It was released in 1980 on Leo Records UK, an independent label established in 1979 by a Russian expatriate producer Leo Being. Six minutes of uneasy meditation… 

10. Vox Populi! – Soleymani Dub (1990)

Absurd track from ‘Vox Populi!’ ethno-industrial band from France. You can find this track in a CD compilation released in 2008 on Infrastition rec.(FR). It’s an incredible hypnotic overlapping of synthesisers, guitars and electronic dub drums.

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