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La playlist de Marco Passarani

La playlist de Marco Passarani

Marco Passarani est l’un des producteurs et DJ les plus respectés d’Italie, jouant un rôle central dans la scène techno italienne depuis son arrivée en Europe. À l’occasion de la sortie de son LP “W.O.W” sur Offen Music, nous lui avons demandé ses 10 tracks préférées du moment !

Satoshi Fumi “Pleiads (Phase 3 Mix)”
An almost “institutional” track I love to drop in my sets, which takes my mind to those techno soul songs we know from Detroit. I love this so much.

Luna City Express “Feel Me (Original Mix)”
Quirky bass and deep groove with hints to bleep music. A tune where the early UK techno/electronica and the modern sounds meet.

Perko “Sky Host”
Melodic sequences that finds space amongst my old school “synth library music” collection, and I love to use this as a bridge on top of some more purely rhythmical track.

Marie Davidson “Work It”
Being out for a while now but I can’t stop playing one of the best song from maybe my favorite Montreal producer.

Rimer London “Quantum Internet Alliance”
The most cinematic tune on my heavy rotation. Can’t stop listening and playing it since the day I bought it. More of these please!

Posthuman “Steal the Show”
Proper UK electro / breakbeat like back in the days, but with a sound dynamic that does a great job in 2019.

Josh Caffe “Darkroom Lover”
Came across this record a bit later than its original release. As the title say, it’s all about the dark and the sweat.

Massimiliano Pagliara “Geometric Crystal Spaces”
A melodic and disturbed piece from Massimiliano that fits in both old school and modern sets.

Russ Gabriel “Muff Diver”
Uplifting house track with classic Detroit references. I have this one on rotation on almost every set that requires a solid vibe.

Lauer “Realistic”
He’s one of my favorite dance producers these days, and this track is a perfect balance in between 80s vibes (that I love so much) and contemporary electronic dance music.

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