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La Playlist de Neue Grafik

La Playlist de Neue Grafik

À l’occasion de la soirée “Spéciale Noël” au Bikini le 22 décembre, Neue Grafik nous a préparé une sélection de ses morceaux préférés du moment !
Le DJ / producteur est membre de Raheem Experience, Vertv et du collectif Beat X Changers.
On le retrouve à Toulouse aux cotés de AZF, Manaré & O.Xander pour une nuit magique !

1. Nubya Garcia – Lost Kingdom

The last dope tune that I’ve heard, this artist is amazing and the lick in the beginning, at the same time mysterious and melancholic… This song speaks to me a lot,
a picture of disillusioned young people who keep going and try to be.

2. Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Simply one of my favorite track in rock music. The evolution, FX and ambiance throughout those almost 10minutes, a real deep moment in a weird and tricky world

3. Eighties Ladies – Tell Him

The grooviest track of my collection, the sound of this bass, structure and the voices of 80’s Ladies a real dope track to wake up in the morning!

4. Theo Parrish – Solitary Flight

Two big references in one song, Theo Parrish who samples Memories Of Green from Vangeli’s Blade Runner soundtrack (Orchestral version).
This track is pure love and beauty. Nothing else.

5. Letta Mbulu – What is wrong with groovin’?

Incredible song, can’t stop to listen this tremendous voice and chords.

6. Serge Gainsbourg – Intoxicated Man

A real weird feeling on this blues of the Gainsbourg’s “blue period”. About bat on the roof of a living room and cold blood. He made a lot of awesome songs, hard to just keep one.

7. Charles Mingus – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

One of the saddest and most beautiful composition I heard in my life.

8. Joe Henderson – Black Narcissus

Another world, another stratosphere… These composition and the sound of the Rhodes behind… Such an incredible tune of an amazing and big inspiration for me.

9. D’Angelo / Bob James / Marlena Shaw – Feel Like Makin’ Love

One composition of Soul / RnB which is really marvelous, and I can listen it all my life.

10. A New Sector Movements – Voonga Vonge + Khalil El’Zabar – Our Time Is Now (IG Culture Remix)

Just two classic tracks of Broken beats to finish this tracklist. Just listen this powerful energy in this 2 gems. Something is beyond this music and go real far.

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