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La playlist de Poté

La playlist de Poté

Le producteur anglais Poté sera l’invité de La Créole à la soirée Rinse France à La Machine le 28 septembre 2018 ! À cette occasion il nous a préparé une sélection de ses 10 morceaux préférés !

Doc Daneeka -Never Wanna Lose You 
I just really love the feel of this track, perfect use of the sample too. Really simple and effective dance floor material

Four Tet – Planet 
This is probably my track of the summer, after seeing Four tet live for the first time this year, I can’t stop playing this track. It’s so well crafted!

Simian Mobile Disco – Caught in a Wave 
I really love how patient this track is and how confident it is in that patience. Really sublime work by SMD, completely in love with their new album Murmuration

Culoe De Song – Medicine 
You’ll definitely catch me playing this track every set, or at least a few tracks by Culoe. His drum work is irresistible, you just have to dance when you hear it!

Black Coffee – Music Is The Answer
Because music truly is the answer!

The Maghreban – Eddies 
I can’t remember where I first heard of The Maghreban, but I remember instantly buying this entire album when I did. It’s just so creative, playful, yet not to strange to scare you off the dancefloor.

Ebo Taylor – Love and Death 
I remember hearing this at about 2am at a friends house in West London and completely falling in love, you just can’t turn it off or stop dancing ..even though he’s talking about love and death aha.

Beat Spacek – Compact n Sleep 
One for the night after the party, soothing!

Biogen – Afloat 
Ending this the only way I know how to, this is just beautiful, it really just takes you away.

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